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Question 1:

What is the recommended minimum hard-drive size for a virtual instance of Symantec Messaging Gateway 10.5?

A. 80 GB

B. 90 GB

C. 160 GB

D. 180 GB

Correct Answer: D

Question 2:

What are two installation options for Symantec Messaging Gateway 10.5? (Select two.)

A. upgrade from Symantec Brightmail Gateway 8.0.3

B. enable autoupdate in LiveUpdate settings

C. upgrade from Symantec Mail Security for SMTP (SMS-SMTP) 8.0.3

D. OSRestore using the downloadable VMWare OVF template

E. OSRestore from the Symantec BrightmailGateway 10.5CD

Correct Answer: AE

Question 3:

Message throughput of a Symantec Messaging Gateway scanner-only appliance can be reduced by which two features? (Select two.)

A. rapid release definitions

B. real-time updates

C. DKIM signing

D. SMTP authentication

E. hourly quarantine expunging

Correct Answer: CD

Question 4:

Symantec Messaging Gateway 10.5 is certified for non-virtual deployment on which hardware devices?

A. Symantec 2950 series appliances

B. Symantec 3570 series appliances

C. Symantec 7100 series appliances

D. Symantec 8300 series appliances

Correct Answer: A

Question 5:

What is required before completing the bootstrap process of the Symantec Messaging Gateway 10.5 appliance?

A. 30-day temporary license file

B. DNS server IP address

C. SSH access to the appliance

D. MX record created for appliance

Correct Answer: B

Question 6:

Which two tasks can an end-user perform while logged in to the Control Center when authentication and address resolution are enabled? (Select two.)

A. configure personal suspect spam scoring

B. configure personal Good and Bad Sender lists

C. configure personal language preferences

D. configure personal content filtering policies

E. configure personal email digest preferences

Correct Answer: BC

Question 7:

How does enabling and configuring sender authentication options in Symantec Messaging Gateway 10.5 help to protect against spam?

A. by protecting against messages sent from trusted partners

B. by protecting against messages sent using a Sendmail MTA

C. by protecting against messages with a forged message ID

D. by protecting against messages with forged sender domains

Correct Answer: D

Question 8:

An administrator needs to determine which policies have triggered for a particular message. Which troubleshooting tool will help to identify issues with policy precedence and actions?

A. Incident Match log

B. Filtering Policy report

C. Filtering Precedence Exception report

D. Message Audit log

Correct Answer: D

Question 9:

Which two report file formats are available in Symantec Messaging Gateway 10.5 for executive summary reports? (Select two.)






Correct Answer: BE

Question 10:

A Symantec Messaging Gateway 10.5 administrator needs to prevent bounce attacks. Where should the administrator enable this feature?

A. Bad Senders policy

B. Antivirus policy

C. Directory Harvest Attack policy

D. Antispam policy

Correct Answer: D

Question 11:

Which URL must be accessed to successfully register a newly added Symantec Messaging Gateway 10.5 license file?

A. aztec.brightmail.com

B. license.symantec.com

C. register.brightmail.com

D. register.symantec.com

Correct Answer: C

Question 12:

Which MTA operation is used if queues need to be drained to remove a host from use and continue scanning and delivery of messages?

A. delete the Scanner from the Control Center so that it is no longer used

B. set the Scanner configuration to “Pause message scanning and delivery”

C. set the Scanner configuration to “Do not accept incoming messages”

D. disable the Conduit so that new messages are not accepted

Correct Answer: C

Question 13:

Which two options are valid for pre-configured actions for the language identification feature in Symantec Messaging Gateway 10.5? (Select two.)

A. Hold message received in the following languages in the Suspect Spam Quarantine

B. Do not receive mail in the following languages

C. Send notification to the recipient for messages rceived in the following languages.

D. Only receive mail in the following languages

E. Add an X-Bulk header to messages received in the following languages

Correct Answer: BD

Question 14:

What happens to a message after it has been identified as a suspect virus and placed into the suspect virus quarantine?

A. It is automatically deleted after 7 days.

B. It is rescanned when the configured hold time has elapsed.

C. It is stored in the Central Quarantine Server.

D. It is forwarded to Symantec Security Response.

Correct Answer: B

Question 15:

An organization wants to be extremely aggressive in identifying new and emerging virus threats. Which action should be recommended?

A. Enable the use of rapid release definitions

B. Enable zero-day virus protection

C. Set the virus policy to automatically delete viruses

D. Set LiveUpdate to check for definitions every five minutes

Correct Answer: A

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